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Treat nail and foot fungus with FungaXT cream

Ordering FungaXT cream in Hungary is easy, you need:

  • Fill out the application form on the website, indicating your name and phone number.
  • The manager will contact you to clarify the details of the order.
  • You just need to get it and start treating nail and toe fungus. Payment after receipt.

Order the ointment on the official website of 9900Ft and you will get a 50% discount. (The promotion period is limited). The manager will tell you more about delivery and payment by phone.

Doctor's recommendations

Doctor Dermatologist Ádám Doctor Ádám
11 years
In Hungary, FungaXT antifungal cream is a real pharmacological discovery. Regular use of the drug can not only eliminate the symptoms of discomfort, but also eliminate its causes. It can penetrate deep into the epidermis and nail plate, completely destroying bacteria and fungi. I recommend FungaXT to all patients and colleagues.

FungaXT-nail and toe fungus treatment

FungaXT is used to treat nail and toe fungus

FungaXT is an innovative product that can treat skin infections caused by human addiction fungi, which affect the nails and skin of the feet. It is a medicine used for preventive purposes. Relieve symptoms and completely destroy fungi, including hyphae-thread-like structures that penetrate deep into the dermis to prevent recurrence.

Why buy FungaXT

Where and how to get infected

Fungal infections will actively multiply in humid environments. In order not to be infected, please follow the personal hygiene rules. Wear dry shoes and socks, and do not walk barefoot in public places. Dermatologists recommend not only using FungaXT cream to treat nail and foot fungus, but also using it as a preventive measure after visiting places with a higher risk of infection.

The main symptoms of fungal diseases

Symptoms of nail and foot fungus

If you have any symptoms, you may be infected.

Skin infections are called fungal diseases, dermatophytes or dermatophytes. Microorganisms spread all over the surface of the skin and nails, sometimes affecting the deeper layers. In severe cases, the damaged part may discharge. By drilling into the dermis, they release the enzymes contained in the cells, causing itching and peeling. By combing the infected area, a person transfers particles to other parts of the body, scratches the skin, and also helps microorganisms penetrate deeper. Fungus and infection itself is a vicious circle, FungaXT cream will help break this vicious circle.

How FungaXT works

Tea tree oil in FungaXT

FungaXT ointment contains only natural ingredients:

Acid Oil Wax and resin
  • Water Yang
  • Undecene
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Tea Tree
  • Almonds
  • Menthol
  • Camphor
  • Lanolin
  • Propolis

A unique formula with appropriately selected ingredients makes FungaXT a powerful weapon against nail and skin fungus. Clinical studies have confirmed the effectiveness and safety of the drug.

More than 800 men and women with various types of fungal infections participated in the clinical study.

After only one week of use, your skin, hair and nails will recover. The fungus will be 100% destroyed. By continuing to use the drug, you will create a barrier environment to prevent fungal infections from recurring. At the same time of treatment, we recommend disinfecting the house and cleaning carpets and textiles, where fungi and skin may remain.

You can order FungaXT ointment against fungi at low prices on the official website of Hungary. Only the original FungaXT product can guarantee the result. Beware of counterfeit products. If you live in a country like Hungary, the price of a pack of cream is only 9900Ft, see prices in other countries. This is a small price to pay to get rid of fungal infections completely.

Where can I buy FungaXT in Hungary?

Cities in Hungary where you can buy FungaXT

FungaXT in BudapestFungaXT in Sarmellek
FungaXT in DebrecenFungaXT in Miskolts
FungaXT in SzegedFungaXT in Szombathely
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