How to treat athlete's foot?

The unpleasant symptoms of skin and toenail fungus can cause many aesthetic and physical discomforts to the patient. Foot fungus must be treated because skin fungus is highly contagious. Seeing a doctor in time will reduce the risk of spreading the infection to other people. For the patient, this is the ultimate chance to get rid of skin fungus.

Fungus on feet

Causes and symptoms

The proportion of patients infected with onychomycosis is 20% of the total population of the earth.

What is special about fungal diseases is that their pathogenic fungus tends to form spores. Where the microorganisms themselves lose their ability to survive, the spores continue to exist, waiting for the right time to start reproducing. Humidity, damp heat is the best environment for fungal infections. Fungal spores can be found on skin, clothing and household products for several years. A healthy body will not infiltrate infection due to strong immunity.

Causes of fungal diseases:

  • Whether there are chronic and acute inflammatory processes;
  • Immunodeficiency state;
  • Diseases: tuberculosis; diabetes; gastrointestinal pathology; HIV; tumor.
  • Taking antibiotics;
  • Wearing clothes and shoes made of synthetic materials;
  • The habit of borrowing clothes and shoes from others;
  • Poor disinfection of manicure and pedicure tools;
  • Bruises and calluses on the legs;
  • Walk barefoot in the bathrooms and public showers.

Signs of disease:

  • The skin on the legs is peeling off.
  • Redness, oozing cracks were observed.
  • The nails turned yellow, green or brown.
  • The structure of the nail plate has changed, and the nail becomes dull and thicker.
  • The nails shattered into pieces.

How to treat?

Tray against nail fungus

Removal of the fungus on the feet is not so easy, especially in the late stage. This is why it is so important to get medical help in time when the first symptoms appear. The treatment of fungus between the toes takes a long time, and these drugs are usually expensive and toxic. The folk remedies used to treat fungi only help themselves at the initial stage. It is possible to treat the fungus on the feet that has been used for several years only by using traditional methods as an add-on drug method.

Local medicine

You can quickly heal fungal symptoms between your fingers and nails with the help of topical preparations. Produce effective drugs against nail and foot skin fungi in the form of ointments, creams, nail polishes, sprays, and drops. You can choose a medicine against fungi based on the active substance in its composition and the most convenient application form.

Mycosis varnish

The active substance of the antifungal varnish penetrates into the nail plate. The consistency of the varnish makes it possible to prevent oxygen from reaching the spores of the fungus by covering the nails. In the case where the disease has just developed and no more than 3 nails are affected, it is recommended to use an antifungal agent in the form of a varnish.

Creams and ointments

Treating foot fungus with creams and ointments is an effective way to remove foot fungus in the early stages of the disease. Benefits of ointment and cream treatment:

  • Easy to use;
  • Relatively cheap cost;
  • Availability.

To avoid recurrence, treatment should not be interrupted immediately after the symptoms of the disease disappear.

A well-groomed pedicure on the feet

Disadvantages include:

  • The symptoms of the fungus on the feet disappeared quickly, which is why the patient interrupted the treatment process prematurely.
  • 80% of people cannot completely cure fungal diseases on the feet; systemic drugs are required.

You can treat fungi with the help of ointments:

  • Zinc
  • Salicylic acid
  • sulfuric acid.

Synthetic systemic drugs

How systemic drugs work in the body

If local treatment does not help, it is recommended to use drugs with systemic effects.Such drugs are highly toxic and are contraindicated in pediatrics, pregnant women and breastfeeding. The medicine comes in pill form. Sometimes, in very difficult situations, the doctor may prescribe intravenous injections of antifungal solutions. Active substances of systemic drugs:

  • Terbinafine
  • Itraconazole
  • Ketoconazole
  • Griseofulvin.

Folk remedies

Traditional medicine can help treat fungal infections at home. The therapeutic properties of some natural ingredients exceeded all expectations. In the early stages of fungal disease development, folk methods can relieve itching, improve the appearance of skin and nails, and sometimes even completely overcome unpleasant diseases. Some treatment methods using folk remedies:

  • Tea mushrooms. Cutting a piece of kombucha and applying it to the affected area can treat the infection at home.
  • iodine. Treating sores with iodine solution 2-3 times a day can relieve the disease at home.
  • Vinegar (wine or cider). You can use vinegar and sea salt for compression or foot bath every day.
  • Bay leaf. You can check the old recipe: boil 10 bay leaves in 300 ml of water, and stick to it for 4 hours in a thermos. Rinse the sores with broth.
Soda on the foot fungus

Soda water can normalize the acid-base balance on the skin, so it can effectively treat foot fungus. Cut the baking soda and sea salt in half and use it for a foot bath. The soda pulp prepared according to this formula can be used point by point:

  • 2 tablespoons l. Soda water, pour a teaspoon of water.
  • Add a few drops of lemon juice.
  • After the chemical reaction is over (bubbles no longer appear), you can apply the product on your nails.

Herbal therapy:

  • Oak bark soup can be used for foot baths.
  • Celandine, its fresh juice and soup, can effectively fight fungal infections.
  • Collect herbs-grass, cow d, wormwood and plantain in equal proportions and pour it into boiling water, and insist on drinking 1 teaspoon during the day. Before eating.
  • Calendula has anti-inflammatory effects. The decoction of calendula can be used for pressing and bathing.


In order not to suffer from fungal diseases, it is necessary to prevent pathogenic microorganisms from penetrating into the body in any way. It is necessary to strengthen immunity, lose temper, lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right. Sanitation procedures should be carried out regularly. Shoes and clothes should be made of natural materials. Wearing other people's clothes is unacceptable. It is important to treat leg wounds with antibacterial agents in time. Replaceable shoes must be worn in the swimming pool, sauna, and gym.