How to take celandine for nail fungus. beneficial function

Not an exotic plant at all, nor a rare one - it grows everywhere, in fact, it's a weed. Survival is extraordinary - thanks to a strong root system and the complete unpretentiousness of the poppy family representatives. But combined with its wide distribution, there is an incredible set of medicinal properties, including celandine's proven effectiveness from nail fungus.

beneficial function

Celandine's remarkable uses are the result of its rich composition. There are few vitamins, but that's understandable - there are very few recipes ingested. But there are many essential oils, acids, alkaloids, coumarin and flavonoids. The alkaloid content in plants exceeds the standard.

The plant is useful and suitable for treatment from top to root. The most saturated part is orange juice, which is abundant in the roots, stems, and leaves of the plant. For industrial scale pharmaceutical preparation, the root system is used. It is harvested in autumn.

Use fresh juice regardless of flowering period - it's useful any time before winter. Therefore, treating toenail fungus with celandine should not be put off - if fresh juice is available.

For the treatment of folk methods, whole herbs can be used. It is recommended to harvest leaves during flowering.

Useful properties make up a complete list:

  • Disinfectants, which lead to accelerated regeneration of damaged tissue;
  • Treatment of skin: papilloma, herpes, psoriasis, lichen;
  • Eliminate unsightly defects: age spots;
  • Effective treatment of nail fungus;
  • Diuretics: can treat some kidney diseases;
  • Gallbladder: Debugging effect on the gastrointestinal tract, helpful for certain liver diseases, pancreatitis, ulcers, hepatitis;
  • Maintain the high function of the cardiovascular system, eliminate hypertension, arrhythmia, etc. ;
  • prevent the development of atherosclerosis;
  • Supports the weakness, has an effect on the blood vessels, relieves spasms, tones up - as a result, the pressure is relatively normalized;
  • Has a progressively positive effect on the central nervous system, so it is used to relieve depressive states;
  • It has a good effect on the treatment of asthma, bronchitis and other lung diseases, and has the effect of dissolving mucus;
  • Can be used to treat certain infectious diseases;
  • Relieve symptoms of diabetes and thyroid disease;
  • Calming effect, you can beat neurosis and insomnia if you use celandine as part of the cost;
  • Inhibits the growth and spread of cancer cells (At the same time, its use in oncology is limited due to toxicity.).

All these valuable qualities are combined with phytotoxicity, so care must be taken not to exceed the permitted dose.

Treatment of mycosis with external drugs may be accompanied by ingestion, but not all doctors agree with this approach. Many people believe that taking celandine is unnecessary when treating nail fungus.

The treatment of celandine


Freshly picked celandine is the best option for fighting toenail fungus.

The feet should be steamed in the tub, then wiped and rubbed with fresh celandine juice on the areas affected by the fungus.

This process is repeated every morning and evening. It could be even simpler: crush a few leaves, put them in slippers, and walk around barefoot. Change leaves from time to time, if there is an unpleasant feeling, burning, discomfort - stop.

You can use a homemade celandine juice ointment and apply it to the affected area.

How to Prepare Salve on Celandine Juice

Buy medical petroleum jelly and mix it with celandine juice in a 4-to-1 ratio. The ointment is stored in the refrigerator. It can be done with dried celandine, in which case the mixture is infused, it can be done using a water bath.

where to buy juice

Celandine juice can be stored independently. For this it is advisable to choose the time before the end of flowering, if you want a softer stock then it is best to collect the sap from young and still tender plants before flowering.

The juice is squeezed out like other vegetable juices, but all surfaces and dishes must be washed thoroughly afterwards.

The squeezed juice is poured into a dark bottle and kept in a cool place. The fermentation process will last 1-1. 5 months - the juice must be fermented. Open the cap from time to time to allow the gas to escape. The fermented juice is filtered, poured into a dark container and stored in the refrigerator. In such raw materials, all properties will be retained for at least three years.

Preparation of medicinal celandine juice for further use against toenail fungus


You can make a root tincture with alcohol or vodka.

Rhizome tinctures are more advanced, but you can actually stick to a whole plant and chop it up. The alcohol extract was prepared for 2 weeks, then the raw material was extruded and the finished liquid was filtered.

Alcohol can also be mixed with fresh juice in a 1: 1 ratio.


The harvest of celandine oil raw material is carried out in the spring, and only the top young leaves are used. The process itself can be done at home, but it is rather lengthy.

Oil extracts are available at drugstores. With this tool, you can enrich the cream - and then, with the daily care, the rejuvenation of the facial skin will take place unknowingly.

Celandine oil from the nail fungus is used as a compress on damaged areas at night. From above, you can wrap it in regular plastic wrap or secure it with a Band-Aid. During the day, repeat the process, but only for 15-20 minutes.

Decoction, infusion

For chronic forms of skin disease, with extensive damage, it is best to bathe with celandine.

You shouldn't wipe yourself off after taking a shower - it's better if the healing decoction on your skin dries on its own.


Prepared in enamelware. Pour in 50 g (3 tablespoons) of chopped celandine with boiling water (0. 5 L). Then simmer in a water bath for 30 minutes. Turn off the heat, let it sit for 15 minutes, and strain. Extrude the raw material. Pour the resulting broth into a warm water bath. You can cook more, watching the proportions, but the broth retains its properties for no more than 2 days.


Pour 2 tablespoons of ingredients into a one-liter thermos and pour boiling water over it. Perfusion for 4 hours. Strain before adding to the bath.

compress, bath

Celandine compresses are made with an infusion or decoction. Alcohol tinctures can also be used if diluted with water.

Fungal-affected feet, regularly spiked with celandine soup or infusion is useful.

Celandine can be used in combination with effective folk remedies and medicines.

recipes that work

Celandine with soda water

Feet are steamed in a soda bath. You can add sea salt or regular salt. Put your feet in the solution until the water begins to cool. Then treat the damaged nail plate and apply:

  • fresh celandine juice,
  • Celandine Oil,
  • Make and repair compresses with oil or decoction (infusion).

There are many tips and recipes on how to treat nail fungus with celandine. Either option will heal if repeated regularly. The recovery process for affected panels is at least 2 weeks.

Infusion, oil and freshly picked celandine for toenail fungus

Celandine, hydrogen peroxide

Put your feet in a tub of soup or celandine infusion. The nail plate is then treated with a nail file and rinsed with hydrogen peroxide. Apply celandine oil or juice to your nails.

This is a very potent combination, considering peroxide itself is a recognized tool against fungi.

Celandine contains iodine

Legs are steamed in celandine soup, and finally, iodine is applied to dry nails. Enhances the repair process of the nail plate.

You can use the above soda to make a tub, but you can enhance its performance with iodine. After applying oil or celandine juice to the painful area.

Do a compression:

  • Mix crushed vegetable stock with a few drops of iodine and apply a compress to the affected area (starting for 20 minutes if there is no discomfort);
  • Add a small amount of iodine to celandine oil, soak it with a cotton swab or gauze, and fix it on the affected nail.

Celandine Lemon

Mix lemon juice with celandine juice or oil and rub your nails several times a day.

Or rub with lemon juice before compressing with celandine decoction.

Lemons can be replaced with vinegar - this fungus cannot tolerate acidic environments.

There are many more effective recipes for the nail fungus celandine. However, like all natural remedies, it only works with regular use and doesn't guarantee an immediate cure.

Use of celandine

When applying externally, it should be remembered that a plant with such a concentrated and multifaceted composition can cause allergies. So, before the first use, you need to test: apply a little plant juice or plant extract to the bend of the elbow - the skin there is very soft and it will be immediately visible whether the body accepts it. If there is discomfort, redness, or other ill effects, you can do another test at a lower concentration the next day. If the response is the same, you will have to look for another option.

You can also try applying it only to the nail plate, excluding contact with the skin - in this case, a course can be done against the fungus on the nail.

Features for children

Very young children do not use celandine. If necessary, only follow your doctor's instructions.

For children after three years, there are only intake restrictions - celandine can be recommended for children over 12 years of age at the discretion of the pediatrician.

External application under control of body response.

How to Apply for Pregnancy and Lactation

External use is permitted because the active substance does not enter the bloodstream. Except for ingestion.

Celandine oil from nail fungus topical for pregnant women and children

Contraindications and side effects

External use is limited only by the individual's tolerance to the botanical active ingredient. The course of celandine should not be too long, so that irritation does not start. It must be remembered that plants are poisonous - pay attention to any negative reactions of the body during application and carefully study the advice of experts, especially dosage and precautions.

Decreased pressure, nausea, and choking sensations may occur with very strong topical use. But this rarely happens.

Ingestion should be taken seriously and cannot be used for the following diseases:

  • epilepsy (drugs can create conditions for seizures),
  • nervous disorder,
  • heart failure,
  • angina pectoris,
  • Digestive disorders (constipation).

Celandine is absolutely contraindicated for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

The course of medication should last no more than 2 weeks and then take a break.

It is necessary to start with a small dose and continue if the condition does not deteriorate sharply. When treating fungal infections early in the disease and using celandine to prevent recurrence, it is not necessary to use the medicines in it.

Celandine from Toenail Fungus - Review

  1. "I tried treating my nails directly with celandine from the garden. I picked the plant and applied it 2-3 times a day, sometimes more often. Within two months, the nails were renewed and looked healthy. I didn't buy any medicines. SimpleAnd it's completely free! "
  2. "The nails started falling off and itching. She brewed celandine and took a bath. Before going to bed, I washed my legs and put juice on them. After 2 weeks, the itching disappeared and the nails started getting better.