Effective modern methods to treat toenail fungus

The doctor checks for nail fungus on the feet

In medicine, a fungal infection that affects the nail plate is called onychomycosis. People simply call this condition nail fungus. This disease is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms and brings serious discomfort to people's lives. Getting rid of this disease is difficult, but possible. Modern methods of treating toenail fungus allow it to be done quickly and effectively. But before talking about them, let us remember how the fungus on the legs behaves and how dangerous it is.

Clinical manifestations

Fungal infections are difficult to identify in the early stages of their development. Pathogenic microorganisms gradually penetrate into the deep layers of the nail plate. Once "mastered", they will actively multiply and then the first symptoms will appear.

The main sign of the development of a fungal infection is discoloration of the nail plate. White spots or stripes, spots, grooves, etc. may appear on it. In this case, the nail itself may be dyed yellow or silver. The surface becomes rough and the gloss disappears.

After that, the nail began to thicken, fall off and collapse. After a while, it will fall off the nail plate. The unpleasant smell is eliminated from the generated space.

Why is nail fungus dangerous?

If you do not use various methods to treat nail fungus, the risk of complications in this disease background will increase several times. It should be understood that fungi are perceived as foreign objects by the human body. It begins to produce antibodies against disease-causing organisms.

Leg health after nail fungus treatment

If proper treatment is not given for a long time, the body's immune alertness will persist. This leads to the fact that the body’s immune system is exhausted, the person is vulnerable to other infections and often gets sick. At the same time, not only the occurrence of a cold, but also the risk of allergic reactions that have never been observed before.

It should also be noted that onychomycosis is dangerous to other family members. Fungal pores are deposited on almost all surfaces. If a healthy person comes into contact with them, he will be immediately infected and pose a danger to others.

In addition, attention should be paid to the unpleasant appearance of fungal infections on the nails. This leads to the fact that a person begins to hesitate, put on open shoes, and go to the beach. In other words, he must limit his social life. The more serious the disease, the more aesthetic discomfort it brings.

The treatment characteristics of toenail fungal infection

There are different treatments for toenail fungus. The doctor decides which method will be used in each specific situation. When determining a treatment strategy, consider the form, degree and type of the disease, the growth rate of the nails, and the general condition of the body.

If a person suffers from other diseases and requires continuous intake of any drugs that cannot be combined with the use of antifungal drugs, a hardware method is needed to treat nail fungus.

If the disease is diagnosed in the early stages of development, conservative treatment should be used, which means the use of various creams, gels, varnishes and solutions.

Local influence

This method of fighting nail fungus is possible in the following situations:

  • The fungal infection has not spread to all nails;
  • The area of the nail plate infested by fungi is not more than half;
  • The root of the nail is not involved in the process;
  • This patient has contraindications to the use of systemic drugs.
Toenail fungus spray treatment

Conservative treatment of nail fungus

Modern methods and methods to treat nail fungus include the use of special topical medications, which are prescribed by experts. The purpose of using them is to soften and remove the affected nail plate. The composition of this preparation contains components that help inhibit the growth and development of infections and promote the regeneration process of healthy nails.

Modern method of treating nail fungus: medical manicure

If we talk about the most effective way to treat foot fungus, medical manicure should be emphasized separately. It is used as an adjunct to mainstream treatment. Its essence lies in the use of a special router planer with diamond or metal tips.

Because of the use of this device, the diseased nail was moved to the nail bed. The process is completely painless. However, after a manicure, antifungal drugs need to be used for a long time to prevent fungal diseases from affecting new nails, which are actually formed 1-2 months after surgery.

Toenail fungus laser treatment

Modern methods of treating nail fungus include the use of laser equipment, thanks to which the nail plate is heated in the range of short pulses. The surface of the nail is heated to 47°C. In this case, disease-causing organisms cannot survive and die.

Toenail fungus laser treatment

However, it should be noted that a single laser surgery may not be enough. In severe cases, 5-8 courses of treatment are required. Each subsequent process is only performed 7-30 days after the previous process.

It should be noted that laser treatment should also be combined with local and systemic treatments.

Surgical treatment of nail fungus

If other methods of fighting the fungus do not produce a positive result, the disease continues to develop and the nail plate is significantly deformed, so the nail can be removed by surgery.

After removing the affected nail plate, it takes a while to use antifungal drugs. However, it should be noted that the surgical method for the treatment of nail fungus has a drawback-damage to the nail bed, as a result of which the growing nail plate is irregularly shaped.

These are the most effective treatments for nail fungus. Each of them has its own shortcomings and advantages. But it is worth noting that even with them, it is difficult to completely get rid of fungal infections.