The best and most effective remedy for nail fungus. Folk remedies for nail fungus

Onychomycosis, or onychomycosis as the disease officially sounds in medicine, is a very common pathology encountered by 90% of people in the world in their lifetime. In this article, we will show you the most effective methodHow to get rid of nail fungus. . .

Signs of nail fungus

As you know, the skin and nails are the areas of the human body that are most susceptible to various fungal infections spread by household contact.

Signs of nail fungus on hands

Indeed, unfortunately, despite the many well-known preventive measures and personal hygiene rules, we often ignore them due to various circumstances. As a result, infection of fungal diseases becomes inevitable, and its treatment is lengthy and tedious.

How to identify fungus on nails? There are many basic signs of onychomycosis. These include:

  • The nail plate is discolored. Turns yellow, gray, and sometimes even green
  • Nails start to fall off and break
  • The skin around the nails is itchy, red, and peeling
  • Where the nails grow festering and cause severe pain
Toenail fungus

If at least one of the above symptoms is present, it indicates that emergency treatment needs to be started before the nail fungus enters the difficult-to-treat stage. However, in any case, the modern pharmaceutical market provides us with a variety of drugs that can help us get rid of this disease. In addition, there are many privateRemedies for fungus on nails. . . We will introduce the best and most effective methods in detail below.

Drug effective treatment of nail fungus

Do not take any medicines designed to eliminate fungal diseases by yourself under any circumstances. After all, every medicine against nail fungus has many side effects.

Doctor treats nail fungus

If you want to eliminate unpleasant diseases as effectively as possible without unpleasant consequences, please see a dermatologist first. He will take into account the degree of damage to the nail plate, skin type, pathogenic fungi and the duration of the disease, and will prescribe it for youDevelop the correct comprehensive treatment method, including topical medication andNail fungus medicine. . .

We group together the best and most effective drugs that dermatologists usually prescribe for patients at different stages of the disease.

Varnish against nail fungus

Among them:

  1. Nail fungus varnish:Use when the fungus on the nails has not yet started. Before applying, it is recommended to thoroughly treat the nails and remove keratinized or peeled particles. The most effective is this type of funding.
  2. Nail fungus ointmentAs well as creams and sprays-highly effective topical products for the nails on the affected area and the surrounding skin.
  3. beauty tools, This is an alternative to surgical methods. After using them for the time specified in the instructions, you can easily remove the nail plate independently.

Treat nail fungus with folk remedies

Folk remedies for nail fungusIt is equally effective. All of their charm is that they can be used at home without incurring any special financial expenses.

Salt bath for nail fungus

We will provide you with some examples of how to cure onychomycosis through folk remedies:

  1. bywashing powderIt contains a lot of alkali. To prepare medicine with washing powder, you need to take 100 grams of this substance and dissolve it in hot water. Feet or nails affected by fungus should be immersed in water and steamed. This procedure is usually sufficient to eliminate all symptoms of the fungus within 10 days.
  2. You can compress fromperoxideFrom nail fungus.Twice a day on the affected area of the nail (after steaming the legs or hands with a sodium carbonate solution), soak the cotton wool in peroxide, wrap the nail in a plastic bag to prevent evaporation, and then remove the compression for an hour.
  3. Nail polishgarlic,onionOr make porridge from it and apply it to the affected area.
  4. Pour the herbs into the socks (change the socks every day): chamomile, mint, sage and nettle.
  5. Good for getting rid of nail fungusTea tree oil. . . This ingredient destroys the fungus that is produced. It can be used in two forms: wash your feet with it; press it tightly with your nails.
  6. Very effective against nail fungusNovicaine Lotion. . . It is recommended to do it at night.
  7. Coffee trayThe same is true for nails infected by fungi. The only disadvantage of this treatment method is the high cost of the product.
  8. Baths and compresses can also be made of preservatives that are widely used in our daily lives, such asiodine. . .
  9. You can soak the socks in itvinegarWear it at night, however, be careful of vinegar, because the acid will burn your skin.
  10. Drop the juice on your nails 3 times a dayCelandine.To do this, grind the plants in a meat grinder and squeeze out all the juices, then use as directed.

Prevent nail fungus

To avoid becoming a victim of nail fungus, please take the following precautions:

Prevent nail fungus
  • Pay attention to the skin of hands and feet;
  • Do not form cracks and scratches, if they do occur, immediately treat them with antiseptic.
  • Perform manicures and pedicures on a regular basis (visit only verified beauty salons, or sterilize nail tools every time)
  • Don't wear shoes for anyone;
  • When buying new shoes, wear nylon socks;
  • Take vitamins that can boost immunity;
  • The development of infectious diseases in your body is not allowed. If it cannot be avoided, you should be treated in time, because if they are chronic, the fungus will automatically develop favorable conditions;
  • Treat all surfaces with alkaline solution regularly to clean your house.

Take care of your body, keep your body clean, and then no fungal disease can beat you!