Experience of use FungaXT

Experience using FungaXT cream from Nicholas in Munich

FungaXT cream effect

In his school days, Nicholas was actively involved in sports and playing basketball. He must visit the changing rooms and shared shower rooms every day, where he does not use rubber slippers, but walks barefoot. In the last year, he noticed discomfort changes in toe nails and skin. I visited a dermatologist and found that he had fungus. The medicine recommended by the experts helped, but after a few months, everything started again.

A few years have passed since college graduation. He stopped participating in sports and found a job in the office. Life goes on as usual, and the problem of fungal infection has not disappeared. Soon, he started dating a girl, and he could not admit his problem for a long time. He refused to go to the beach and swimming pool with her. He always wears socks at home. At the same time, due to constant wearing of shoes and socks, the infection starts to worsen even in the warmer months. The skin is severely peeling, and the nails thicken and start to break. But, most importantly, young people are tortured by unpleasant smells, itching and burning. The medicine prescribed by the doctor can provide temporary relief.

He cannot hide his status further. After learning about this fungus, his girlfriend suggested using FungaXT cream. She talked about how to use anti-fungal ointment. She knows the effectiveness of this medicine because her father was able to cure his fungal infection a few months ago. From the first few days, Nicholas noticed significant improvements, and after using FungaXT for a week, the skin on his legs returned to its natural appearance and color. It takes longer for nails to regain growth.

FungaXT can walk to the beach with a girl

After using FungaXT cream for a month, without leaving any fungus, Nicholas was finally able to go to the beach with his girlfriend. Although he has fully recovered, the man still applies ointment several times a week just in case. There is still fear. . .

Techniques of Nicholas from Munich

  • Don’t hide your problems from your loved ones;
  • Use FungaXT cream regularly twice a day;
  • Start treating nail and toe fungus as soon as possible;
  • Preventive use of creams.

I hope his review of the cream will help you make the right decision.